Compressed air supply systems

Perfect efficiency with minimal space requirements

Our SXC and AIRCENTER air systems combine rotary screw compressor, refrigeration dryer and air receiver under a single enclosure. Due to their small footprint, these complete systems are the perfect solution for workshops and smaller industrial facilities.

    An overview of our compressed air stations

    Standard models


    All-in-one on just 0.62 m² with the SXC series – and the best part of it: you can start work immediately!

    • Up to 5.5 kW
    • With rugged polyethylene enclosure
    • SIGMA CONTROL BASIC controller with electricity-saving start-stop control

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    Standard models

    Premium models


    AIRCENTERS from KAESER for industry and trade – a large selection of premium quality machines

    • Up to 15 kW
    • Nine models to choose from
    • Efficient SIGMA CONTROL controller with electricity-saving control modes

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    Premium models